With the GDPR in full force, not only SHOULD you have knowledge on personal data storage, processing and use, you are REQUIRED to do so by law. 

On the other hand, modern businesses need to keep track of their employees, customers and all related activities in order to run smoothly.

Mesier helps your company meet all demands! Our suite includes multiple features that help enhance your company’s performance.

Choose the ones you need and get started today!

We offer you:

Mesier Suite HR Dashboard

The dashboard is the central point of access to all Mesier related services and your most used tools. Add all the applications you need to your dashboard and access them directly though one safe place.

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Mesier People

This feature includes extensive profile warehousing of your employees and customers. Have a clear overview of your customers, contracts and employees, monitor current processes related to each customer. All relevant information for maintaining a good customer/employee relationship is in one secure place!

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Mesier Compliance

Give and revoke consent for your data collection and processing for each individual service and stay informed of the legal basis for data collection, processing and storage. Complete GDPR assessment and training to avoid mistakes and breaches.

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Mesier Time

Track all billable and non billable tasks and activities, invoice your customers according to contract. Keep up to date with all process and performance statistics in order to enhance your company’s performance. Secure your success by using your entire team.

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Mesier Workflows

Gain insight into all company activities, tasks, projects and workflows. Monitor the progress made on each project, create your own dynamic workflows for any company activity, set notifications and reminders and never miss your deadlines.

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Mesier Absence / Vacation / Plan

Register employee absence, monitor and approve vacation days. Keep your team and resources well organized with Mesier!

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Mobile apps

Mesier services are also available through user friendly mobile apps for IOS and android. Run your business on the go and always be informed on processes and progress!