We offer you:


Employee management platform

Through the employee management platform, you can onboard and offboard your employees with ease, monitor their progress, absence and vacation and offboard them while maintaining maximum control over company resources and credentials.



Ready-made templates. Customized workflows.

Employee follow-up processes

Sickness and absence follow ups. Onboarding/offboarding. Incidents and measures.


Single point of access to all your employee information and apps. Employee self-service through the Employee Portal.



We tend to all your company HR needs with a set of benefits for your employees, customers, HR staff and administrators. HR includes:



Profile warehousing. Dynamic personal and customer register. Dynamic organization structures.


Project and Task management, Company time, Tracking and billing.


HR dashboard portal, Audits. SSO. Provisioning. Security measures & data protection.


Run custom reports according to your needs in order to maintain overview of your company statistics.


Keep your staff informed and updated on the current labor law articles and company policies and news.



AppsCo is our US-based sister company providing a portal for enterprises to securely manage access to their company sensitive data and applications combined with a patented Blockchain Data protection solution. Find out more at www.appsco.com.


Paired with Mesier, AppsCo makes simplifies work for your IT managers through:


Add all your employees and customers to Mesier smoothly and securely and make sure they have all the services and access they need according to role. We can integrate with your system of choice and set rules for creating new users so you don’t need to create multiple accounts multiple times.


Choose from a wide variety of SSO applications from our catalogue and never worry about credential theft.

Access onboarding/offboarding

Make sure all your employees get access to the applications they need according to role. Automate creating accounts for them And giving and revoking access accordingly.



Security and devices

Paired with Mesier, AppsCo offers you maximum security and automation through:


Device management

Mark certain devices as safe or disable the possibility of login from multiple devices.

Access management

Access onboarding: make sure all Your employees have access to what they need and create profiles for them for the services they need to use on a daily basis. Define company roles and enforce strict access management.



Password management

Store all your logins in one safe space and share them only with the users/groups that need access. Credentials remain fully hidden even when the applications are not Single Sign On.

Data protection and compliance

Track all activity through The audit log to pinpoint any irregularities in case they occur and act accordingly. Generate reports and statistics and test the security of your passwords.





Mobile Apps

Mesier services are also available through user – friendly mobile apps for IOS and Android. Run your business on the go and always be informed on processes and progress!






Mesier integrates with multiple systems of your choice

enabling you to control your company processes from one platform.