Our basic version with single user

Personal register / Profile warehousing (max 3 profiles).

Customer register (max 30 profiles)

Customizable fields


Organization/Group structure

Multiple Language Support 

Surveys & Documentation

System documentation/processing agreements overview

Data mapping and analysis

Mobile access portal/consent advice

Mobile profile data threat overview 

Reports/customer and employee overview


$1 per employee per month

Extended profiles

Up to 1000 customer profiles

Integrations (Full API support)

Events and Measures (HSE and Injury)

Mobile Alerts (eg. GDPR breach)


$2.5 per employee per month

Simple plan overview

Absence and holiday registration

Employee performance reviews, development interviews and other  administrative follow-up

Absence monitoring

Workflows. Create your own follow-up processes and action plan (eg. simple competence follow-up, Changeover processes etc ..)

Employment contracts

Electronic signature

Plugin for personal folder on - 

Microsoft Onedrive /Google Disk / Dropbox


$4.5 per employee per month

Task and project management

Overview of ongoing and pending tasks 

Time tracking

Overview of internal and external time

Mobile app for employees with easy time tracking, checklists, comments image uploads and signing

Customer and contact overview




Simple Assessment

Manual data discovery (applications)

Single user

Profile warehousing (max. 3 profiles)

Customizable fields

Onboarding / Offboarding

Organization/Group structure

Multiple Language Support

Surveys & Documentation

System documentation

Data mapping & analysis

Mobile access portal


Consent management (30 customers and 3 employee profiles in FREE)

Extended profiles/multi user & support

Mail and phone support

Integrations (Full API support)

Events & Measures (HSE and Injury)

Mobile alerts (eg. GDPR breach)

Simple plan overview

Absence and holiday registration/Absence monitoring

Administrative follow-up  (performance reviews, development interviews...)

Customizable workflows

Employment contract

Electronic signature

Plugin for personal folder on Onedrive / Google Disk / Dropbox

Task/Project management

Pending tasks overview

Time tracking

Internal/External time overview

Employee mobile app 

Customer/Contact overview

First 12 months